Risk Management Services:
Claims Management Services

— Are you paying too much for Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

  • Reduce excessive workers’ compensation premiums, through our innovative claim reserve audit services, which will lower your experience modifier.

— A thorough Audit will assess the following variables:

  • Verify accuracy of reserves using first reports of injury and review the circumstances that let to the injury.
  • Review claims investigation procedures, including whether subrogation and second injury fund are appropriate.
  • Review attending physicians’ reports and independent medical reports.
  • Review the potential for returning the claimant to either full or light duties, medical rehabilitation or vocational rehabilitation.
  • If using medical or vocational rehabilitation, review the appropriateness of this service.
  • Request activity checks and surveillance by the insurance company or third party administrator if appropriate.
  • Determine whether the insurance company has requested appropriate DIA hearings, including discontinuance, earning capacity, vocational rehabilitation, fraudulent claims, impartial physicians and non compensable claims.
  • Review the lump sum demand and advise on appropriateness of settlement.

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