About Risk Management Services: The Process

The Risk Management Audit is a two-step process designed to identify the risk exposures your business faces. Naturally, businesses face risk everyday and the only way to eliminate them entirely would be to shut your doors. Since that is not a viable option, our next thought would be to manage the risk we can't eliminate. What's the first step? Knowing what your risks are.

Risk Assessment

— The 1st Step - Our Risk-Free, No Obligation Risk Reduction Audit analyzes the following:

  • Safety and Risk Management Policies and Procedures
  • Training and Orientation Programs
  • Experience Modification Review – We have reduced open claim reserves by 24% on this one step alone, saving you thousands of dollars!
  • Business Continuity – 90% of companies unable to resume operations 5 days after a disaster are out of business after one year
  • Contract Analysis – Do you just accept a contract as is or do you analyze your risk? Does your insurance broker / risk manager review the contract to make sure you are protected as best possible?
  • Loss Control – How confident are you that your claims are being handled with your best interest?

— The 2nd step - Our report is broken down into four categories:

  • Human Resources - hiring practices, employment practices, safety committee and programs, etc.
  • Property - A site inspection is conducted and reported on. Interviews with top management and employees also help to identify key exposures.
  • Liability - Are you protected from lawsuits by your customers? What about lawsuits by your customer's customers?
  • Business Income - Are you unnecessarily leaving your business' profit unprotected?

— The 3rd step: The 3rd step to a 2-step process?

Yes, if you like our work in steps one and two, then we move forward into step 3. There are two ways to move forward to step 3.

1. We become your broker of record on your insurance program. The same commission you are currently paying your broker for just insurance, now will provide you a Risk Management Services Plan. We will even provide the service on your account without commission until renewal - giving you a risk free trial and us an opportunity to prove we can do what we say what we say!

2. You maintain your relationship with your current broker and pay us a fee for implementing the Risk Management Service Plan.

More information on Risk Managment:

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