Self Insured Groups:
CTSA Member Comments

— Here's what some of the members of our self–insured Workers Compensation group have to say about the program:

"When we formed the group, in 2003, our goal was to provide ourselves with insurance coverage at affordable prices and forever free us from outside market pricing swings.I have no doubt that this was one of the better business decisions I have made in my over fifty years in the trucking business.

We have benefited from claims handling second to none.All claims are handles promptly and members interests are always the first priority, with all injured employees taken good care of.We have built a solid financial base with sufficient assets to take most of the risk out of our self-insured group. And the frosting on the cake is that we have been able to return a large amount of premium contributions back to our member in the form of dividend distributions.

California Workers' Comp insurance company combined operating ratios have been running well above 100% for the last several years.The results are several Work Comp Companies have become insolvent or left the market and the remainder have dramatically raised their rates.

Because of our successful and stable reputation and operational profitability. We continue to be in the drivers? seat in selecting additional quality members to slowly continue our profitable growth.

CTSA is a company owned by the Trucking Industry and operated for the benefit of the Trucking Industry and continues to remain competitive when the other players have driven away."

Walt Keeney
President of Food Express, Inc.
and CTSA Chairman
Arcadia, CA

"I wanted to report a very positive experience with Susan Erickson of your company.  She was beyond helpful assisting me with a difficult claim.  Through her efforts and the suggestion and implementation of a Transition To Work our injured worker is quickly back on the job."

"I was sold on the CTSA workers compensation program based partially on aggressive claims administration.  I believe Susan dealt with or injured workers? in a compassionate and creative manner which I?m certain led to his prompt return.  She was always there to answer my questions and provide guidance."

"Our experience with this claim far exceeds our experience with our previous carrier, the State Fund Compensation Insurance program."

Jim Kelly
Kelly Freight Services, Inc.
Torrance, CA

"I like the opportunity to network with the many successful trucking company members who attend the CTSA Annual Meetings. Safety Consultant, Grant Campbell, has shared many of his ideas on how to make our operation safer and eliminate employee injuries and help me build a safer and stronger company. We certainly appreciate the money we save by being a member owner of the CTSA. I like reviewing CTSA's many years of superior results compared to the traditional California workers Compensation Insurance Companies. I am pleased to be associated and participate with the multi-generational family owned trucking company partners."

Mark Woods, Jr.
Wildwood Express
Kingsburg, CA

"I am happy to be a part of the group. Claims people are absolutely night and day over the State Fund. We can actually talk to the same claim examiner all the time. Interaction has been very positive from both an injured employee that needs the care and a business stand point. We are not just a number like we were at State Fund."

Mike Morgan
Operations Manager
R. D. Reed Heavy Transport
El Cajon, CA

"First thing I have to say, we are very comfortable with the people we are working with.  They are very approachable and are truly interested in helping and doing everything they can to remedy the situation.  They take the time to explain everything along the way.  I truly enjoy working with the CTSA people.  In my experience over the years, I have never dealt with any people that are better. Joining the CTSA Work Comp group is the right step for  Truckers."

Lyndon Watt
Wattrans, Inc.
Fontana, CA

"We were pleasantly surprised and very happy that we received dividend checks. You guys are really efficient and it is a pleasure working with you.

Bob Fowler
K. B. Fowler Trucking, Inc.
Camarillo, CA

"I like the idea that we are owners of this company. It's great having access to all of the Board of Trustees which is one of the reasons we joined. I appreciate the thorough screening of new members which gives me additional security."

Charlie Ramorino
Roadstar Trucking, Inc.
Hayward, CA

"Excellent, excellent, excellent program in controlling my costs. I get money back and I have a say in how the company is run and how the claims are handled. In my 40 plus years in the trucking business, this is the most aggressive claims handling I have ever experienced."

Lee Jennings
Lee Jennings Target Express, Inc.
Manteca, CA

"I like the fact that we as carriers have more control. We appreciate the efforts of the Board of Trustees and are proud to be part of this group"

Michelle Johnson
Johnson Trucking
Alpine, CA

Jeff' s comment upon receiving news of a recent dividend disbursement:

"I am tearing up I' m so happy"

"I am happy about the results of an aggressive investigation and undercover video surveillance on a driver's injury claim.

We believed that this claim was fraudulent and now have the evidence to reduce the loss and pursue prosecution against the driver.

I have steam coming out of my ears and I am almost tempted to play the undercover surveillance video on a closed loop in the driver' s room "

Jeff Fenton
Durkee Drayage Company, Inc.
Richmond, CA

"Money, Money, Money – Savings and dividends.

The claims handling is fantastic. Claims are watched and closed efficiently which helps me get my guys back to work and saves me money."

Dan Hubbard
Keeney Truck Lines, Inc
Maywood, CA

"Tremendous value on the claim side – you control your destiny on where the claims begin and where they end. The superior claims handling reduces our costs and the group' surplus profits are distributed back to our member owners in dividends. This is definitely a classy organization."

Jon Cramer
CFL, Inc.
Certified Freight Logistics, Inc.
Santa Maria, CA

"CTSA worker's comp program and the claims' department exceed in their professionalism and dedication. We are grateful for your commitment to personal customer service, dependability, and exceptional communication. Your attention to our company's needs and the needs of our employees are second to none. Participating in the CTSA program has saved our company company significant amounts of money on our annual premium. Thank you for your exceptional and supportive customer service."

Martin Gordon and Rosemarie Wood
Valley Spreader, Inc.
Brawley, CA

"Very friendly and cooperative people that run the CTSA program. We enjoy working with the whole team. We appreciate how professionally our claims are handled..."

Tracy Pfaff
Gileno Distribution
Mira Loma, CA

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