June 19, 2024

Safe Trucking Member Comments

Safe Trucking Insurance Limited:
Safe Trucking Member Comments
"Now when brokers call me to quote, I tell them I don't plan to ever shop my insurance again. I like that I am paying premiums to myself."
Walt Keeney
Food Express, Inc., 
Arcadia, CA

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"I like all aspects of the program that I've dealt with. More Specific? The one on one personal service. The claims people are always there for me to answer questions and help with situations. They make you feel like you're the only one they are working with. Another refreshing quality is how claims are taken seriously. A claims isn't treated like a leisure issue that will be paid off without investigation."

Tom Chorbagian
Neal Trucking, Inc.
Riverside, CA

"I was looking for stability where I didn't constantly have to keep moving my coverages. The captive helps me smooth out the peaks and valleys"

Al Shuffleberger

"Here are some of the reasons we joined the captive and why we are still in the captive:
Stable and competitive rates
Timely renewal quotes
Great claims handling, the best I have seen
Outstanding safety program. Great partners, not only the other captive members, but the support team. All are the most professional group of insurance people I have done business with."
Randy Harrison
Harrison Nichols Co., LTD

"Rate structure doesn't vary, claims handling is the best I've ever dealt with, and having a say in settlements."

Dan Hubbard
Keeney Truck Lines, Inc.

40% savings in premiums
Easy access to affordable umbrella coverage
Improved safety administration
No more shopping for insurance
Building Equity
Better claims management
Great group of partners

Brent Redmond
Brent Redmond Transportation

"About a 3 year sell process to get me on board. I like the people involved — both members and service providers. My traditional insurance was still pricing slightly more competitive, but I know the traditional insurance market rates will be going up in the near future. The claims handling is much better than I ever encountered before."

Dan MacDonald
Aggressive Transport USA

"Excellent, excellent, excellent program in controlling my costs. I get money back and I have a say in how the company is run and how the claims are handled. In my 40 years in the trucking business, this is the most aggressive claims handling I have ever experienced."

Lee Jennings
Lee Jennings Target Express, Inc.

"I came into the captive because Liberty Mutual wanted to back charge me for workers' compensation on my owner operators. My only other option at that time was State Fund and they had done a terrible job managing my claims in the past. Now that I am in the captive, it's nice to know that I don't have to shop my insurance anymore — I get my renewal pricing 45 days before coverage expiration dates."

Rich Pozas
Ram Trucking

"I came into the captive to save money. I felt I was overspending in the conventional market.

The biggest thing I noticed is the claims handling. They get your input and approval before they pay claims. You pay as you go rather than put all your money up front or having premium finance charges myself. "

Al Heath
Rapid Courier & Freight, Inc.

"The main thing about the program is that you are in with good members. This translates into loss ratios that are far below the industry average. The program is put together using the best resources available and that helps maximize dividend returns. Our Claims are closed quickly and with happy employees feeling that they have been treated fairly"

Corrie Toste
Rocha Transportation
Modesto, CA

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